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Estes model rocket kits use four sizes of engines (Mini, Standard, C11 & D, and E). Estes Rocket certified Model Rocket Engines are world famous and have reliably launched model rockets more than 315 million times. Whether you are looking for a fun mini rocket or a powerful E engine rocket, Estes has you covered. Build your own Estes rocket and experience the roar of it lifting off the launch pad, screaming into the sky and floating back to earth on a colorful parachute.

  1. 001948 - Big Bertha™

    001948 - Big Bertha™


    Skill Level 1

    The Big Bertha gives you a slow, realistic liftoff. What a thrill it is to watch! Propelled by powerful standard Estes engines, this beauty travels to 500 feet. In one afternoon your Bertha is ready for an exciting time at the launch field!

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  2. 001949 - Viking™

    001949 - Viking™


    Skill Level 1

    The Viking rocket is amazing with 48 possible fin configurations. When flown on standard engines, the Viking is able to reach amazing launch heights over 1600 feet. Build the Viking in a day and fly to the moon tomorrow.

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  3. 001951 - Executioner™

    001951 - Executioner™


    Skill Level 3

    LARGE and IN CHARGE, that's what the Executioner is. Powered by Estes D or *E engines this master of the sky can reach heights of over 600 feet! A must-have rocket for the serious rocketeer!

    ATTENTION: Requires Estes Maxi™ Launch Rod - Sold Separately

    ATTENTION: Requires Estes Porta-Pad E and E Launch Controller or Pro Series II Launch Controller, when launching E Engines - sold separately

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  4. 001954 - Red Flare™

    001954 - Red Flare™


    E2X - Easy to Assemble

    All pre-colored plastic parts, and red holographic at that, are sure to be an attention grabber! Easy to assemble and no paint is necessary.

    ATTENTION: Requires Estes Maxi™ Launch Rod - Sold Separately

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  5. 001955 - Top Shot™

    001955 - Top Shot™


    E2X - Easy to Assemble

    All pre-colored plastic parts and a SUPER high flyer! Easy to assemble and no paint is necessary.

    ATTENTION: Requires Estes Maxi™ Launch Rod - Sold Separately

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  6. 001958 - Alpha® VI Estes 60th Anniversary

    001958 - Alpha® VI Estes 60th Anniversary


    E2X - Easy to Assemble

    CELEBRATE 60 years with Estes! Available for a limited time only and it has ARRIVED!

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  7. 001969 - Saturn V

    001969 - Saturn V


    Out of stock

    Skill Level 4

    Limited availability (500) at hobby stores across the U.S. NOW! Contact your local retailer. Available on Estes website in January 2019. 

    Exceptional 1:100th scale model.

    Magnificent on display and in flight.

    All new highly detailed plastic parts.  

    ATTENTION: Requires Estes E Launch Controller and E Launch Pad - Sold Separately

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  8. 002005 - Mix-N-Match 50

    002005 - Mix-N-Match 50

    Regular Price: $36.99

    Special Price $18.49

    Mix-N-Match just like the name says! Lots of fun colors! Be as creative as you dare!

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  9. 002006 - Mix-N-Match 55

    002006 - Mix-N-Match 55

    Regular Price: $42.99

    Special Price $21.49

    Lots of fun colors! Enough parts to build 3 fun colored rockets!

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  10. 002007 - Mix-N-Match 60

    002007 - Mix-N-Match 60

    Regular Price: $45.99

    Special Price $22.99

    Parts for 3 rockets! Decals for many more! So much fun!

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Set Descending Direction
  • Tons of Fun

    • Minor assembly!
    • Cool swirled plastic colors!
    • Best Seller!
  • FUN! FUN! FUN!

    • Unique colors!
    • 2 stage adaptable to fly higher!
    • Standard engine powered.
  • Just a fun Launch Set!

    • Easy to Assemble
    • Flies up to 1,150 feet
    • Launch system included