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001507 - A3-4T Engines

001507 - A3-4T Engines

Product Review (submitted on June 10, 2012):

This is my absolute favorite mini engine!! it works beautifully for a single stage in the astron eliptic and is good for the first few launches of the Mini Honest John. This engine gives a long burn time for its small size. I use this motor at the beginning of my launches to get a feel for the wind patterns and rockets.

  • Just a fun Launch Set!

    • Easy to Assemble
    • Flies up to 1,150 feet
    • Launch system included
  • FUN! FUN! FUN!

    • Unique colors!
    • 2 stage adaptable to fly higher!
    • Standard engine powered.
  • Tons of Fun

    • Minor assembly!
    • Cool swirled plastic colors!
    • Best Seller!