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002448 - Mini Comanche-3™

002448 - Mini Comanche-3™

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2014):

Owned two of these. Completely satisfied. Takes at least an hour and a half to put together without painting. Totally worth it. It really is a treat to have a three stage rocket, especially nice is the cheap price you get it for. If you have good weather and a good launch location, you should be able to recover the two booster stages. I will admit that I lost those during the first launch of the first one of these I owned.

  • Just a fun Launch Set!

    • Easy to Assemble
    • Flies up to 1,150 feet
    • Launch system included
  • Tons of Fun

    • Minor assembly!
    • Cool swirled plastic colors!
    • Best Seller!
  • A super FUN Launch Set!

    • Helicopter Nosecone Recovery
    • Cool Cat Decals