007225 - Extreme 12™

007225 - Extreme 12™

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007225 - Extreme 12™

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Coolest rocket Review by Jamyson

Brings rockets to a whole other level it is a beast best rocket EVER

(Posted on 1/2/2016)

Extreme 12 flight Review by Thomas

Well we had the perfect day to launch and we put up 3 of which the extreme was one of them we had good ignition and a nice straight flight good booster separation and ignition of the second stage then things got hairy..... when the chute was discharged from the rocket body the shock cord broke off about 1 1/2 inches where it was fasten in the tube so the payload section floated gently to the earth while the main body landed like a rock.so now we have a fin to replace and one to repair; the booster had 1 cracked fin also...and I didn't get the height that I expected from a 2 stage...so were going to repair, repair , repair and try again...like they say you cant win them all. I'm going to replace the gum band shock cord with the elastic pro cord I don't think well have any trouble with them breaking...oh yea and the staging cone melted off is that suppose to happen? so there was something going on here and I'm not to sure what it was but we'll try again after we repair.....have fun and keep them flying....T.E.W.

(Posted on 3/20/2015)

straight forward build Review by Thomas

Well I just finished the extreme 12 . Estes did a good job with the construction methods for this rocket.. I really liked the slotted tube for fin installation .. stronger joints and easier line up. I used epoxy cement in constructing this rocket which I feel is far superior than white glue... also the engine retainers better than tape and looks better than the metal engine hook...since this is a 2 stage they used the tried and true coupler method of linking stages; which,work's for me...I liked the size and sleekness its gonna fly with some style...BUT I did make some minor changes those upside down fins I turned them around and added some cutouts at the bottom...An I changed the color scheme to red and yellow with white pin stripping ...As far as painting on this one I used 2 coats sand sealer on the balsa then 3 coats of primer remember sand with 400 between coats 2 coats of enamel and 1 coat of clear oh yea I forgot, on the fin fillets I use an epoxy putty toped with bondo putty to smooth them out I also use the bondo putty to fill the spirals on the tubes, sand but lightly and you'll end up with a great paint job... oh yea for all you builders who complain about lost nose cone on these payloaders forget the tape just add a little screw through the tube into the cone you'll never lose another... That's it till I fly her......

(Posted on 3/2/2015)

Astounding flights Review by Fred

I built mine and painted it exactly like the artwork on the kit card. It is very big and the flights using an E12-0 to an E12-8 are astounding. Make sure you have a large field if using this motor combination, otherwise try the D12-0 to D12-7.
Remember that the maximum delay time upper stage motor is good for zero wind and a vertical launch. If you have a bit of wind or are launching slightly off vertical, consider using the medium delay time motor in the upper stage (E12-6 or D12-5).

(Posted on 12/3/2013)

Impressions from 1st flight Review by Alphanut

The Extreme 12 is a striking model. Building was straightforward and when finished as suggested it has impressive looks. I give kudos to Estes for designing the engine retaining system to be similar to the Pro Series II on both the main and booster. I love this! For my first flight I chose a C11-0 and C11-7 combination (less than recommended) due to a somewhat low cloud cover that day at the field. This long and lean model with its bright red booster was a beautiful sight as it left the launch pad. Even with the chosen motor combination the model flew perfectly straight and to an altitude that was actually quite remarkable. The only problem encountered was the long delay as the model gained significant velocity downward by the time the chute was deployed (should have gone with a C11-5). This ripped 3 of the shroud lines from the chute and the model struck the ground a bit harder than what should have been. Even so the model is quite sturdy and only a quick fin repair and new 18” chute will be needed. I can’t wait to send this beautiful model up on a clear blue sky day… I’m thinking an E12-0 and E12-6 combination should pump me full of adrenaline. E12… Extreme 12 – get it? Get it!

(Posted on 11/17/2013)

2000 feet !?!? Review by Chris

Well I think I found my next purchase! Estes you guys ROCK!

(Posted on 7/25/2013)

INSANE ROCKET! Review by Jeff

Estes out did themselves this time. This rocket is unbelievable! Launched it once, but never found the sustainer so it looks like I'll be getting a new one! I would recommend getting a spotter for this launch.

(Posted on 5/12/2013)

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