002220 - Electron Beam® Launch Controller

002220 - Electron Beam® Launch Controller

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002220 - Electron Beam® Launch Controller

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rain, no problem Review by Collin

I lost it in a field for 2 months in that time we had 2 dust storms, 58 100 degree days and 1 1/2 inches of rain, still works

(Posted on 8/4/2015)

great controller Review by john

This is the best controller for model rockets. Thanks Estes

(Posted on 11/12/2014)

Superior Durability Review by Nathan

I have had Estes, Quest, and even completely homemade rockets. I launched hundreds of times with my original estes yellow launcher. Bought a quest set, and launched over about a year with it, and it goes out. Needless to say i have since gone with another Estes launcher.

(Posted on 7/29/2013)

pretty good Review by Isaac

i have this it is very reliable!!!!!!!!

(Posted on 12/25/2012)

Valuable piece of support gear Review by Barry

My Electron Beam controller lives in my field box beside my Porta Pad II. Works great gor launching all of my smaller (up to D impulse) rockets. Has plenty of juice with fresh alkaline batteries to handle all but the busiest launch days.

(Posted on 11/2/2012)

good Review by Nathanael

this has served me well over about 6 years. it came with my older Patriot launch set which i got about 6 years ago. my hobby(and the controller) remained dormant for about 2 years following many succesful launches on that rocket. then, about 1.5 years ago i got back into the hobby and used this controller on all 15 of my rockets. it officially died on 9/23/12 when it refused to launch, light the bulb or do anything else. this may be because of rusting after it was flooded in Irene. i will be getting a new one ASAP

(Posted on 9/24/2012)

Good once you get the hang of it Review by MJA RocketWorks

I got this with my tandem x set. It works great! At first I had a lot of trouble launching with it, but here's my secret: lightly press down the key enough to get the light and hold it for 5 seconds as you count down from 10. After you say 5, press the launch button and your rocket should launch around when you say 1! Long battery life, I have gotten probably over 30 flights, not including my little brother who I share with him and his Cosmic Explorer. They have not died yet! Good job Estes!

(Posted on 7/2/2012)

tried and true Review by Dennis

This style of launcher has been around for years! I have a few of them and they all work flawlessly.

(Posted on 4/19/2012)

Easy to use Review by Kelly

Being new to launching rockets, I felt very comfortable in working with this launch controller. I worked with students and had a great day allowing them to work with me in launching their rockets. The controller is reliable and safe.

(Posted on 4/10/2012)

POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by rocket master

Very powerfull when luanching A-D engines! Only downer is that you can't launch E engines with it,(to launch E engines you HAVE to buy the E launch controller). Over all I'd rate it FIVE BIG STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Posted on 1/9/2012)

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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