001260 - No. 2 Estes Skywriter®

001260 - No. 2 Estes Skywriter®

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001260 - No. 2 Estes Skywriter®

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Everyone looks at this rocket Review by Jay

My wife is a school teacher. She loves the No 2 Skywriter! Every time I am showing someone my collection of rockets they are drawn to the amazing flying pencil. It is a neat eye-catching idea but more importantly it is one awesome flying rocket!

(Posted on 6/16/2017)

Excellent rocket. Review by Dennis

Got this rocket for a father daughter project to get my daughter into rocketry. Easy to assemble and perfect launches everytime. Really fun when using the C6-5 engine.

(Posted on 7/24/2016)

Cool looking First solo build Review by John

This was the first rocket I had ever built by myself. It was fun to build, and fun to launch. It flew great, and the recovery system worked perfectly.

(Posted on 8/22/2015)

Very retro and cool Review by Carey

This is a modern update from a plan published by Estes in 1973. It really flys well, too. Love the twist on fins.

(Posted on 2/12/2015)

Great First Rocket Review by Anthony

This was the first rocket we ever built and it immediately made us 'rocket junkies'. My 5 year old son helped put this together and it was a breeze. Love the fact that the parts are all painted so there are no cosmetic changes needed. I've only used the B4/B6 engines and never tried the C level engine, but we got some really great height using the B's.

Great way to start out your rocket building hobby and now that we've retired ours, she still display's great!

(Posted on 12/31/2014)

pencil point in the sky Review by Ryan

my son really enjoys this one partnered up with the crayon rocket. this one goes very fast and high with C engines. its a neat rocket to have

(Posted on 12/7/2014)

great Review by JENNA

great for any kid or adult! people compliment me everytime I launch it

(Posted on 10/20/2014)

Great first rocket Review by Sarah

This was my 8yo son's first rocket build. He needed guidance but was able to glue the parts with surprising precision if I applied the glue. Once, I launched and caught this rocket without moving from my spot using an A8-5 engine. That was pretty cool!
I wasn't big on the pencil design at first, but we had a lot of fun with this one, and it's really grown on me. Dad likes it, too!

(Posted on 7/11/2014)

Clever Design Review by Gyes

I don't usually go in for E2X kits, as I like practicing my building and painting skills, but this one's just too slick to pass up. Looks exactly how you'd expect - an oversized pencil with fins at the bottom. My only complaint is that the nose cone isn't quite the same color as the body tube, but a few flights will cure that problem. The build is a bit more complicated than your usual E2X, as there is some gluing involved with the body tubes and engine mount, but nothing too complicated. In fact, this kit is a great kit for kids to build to prove they're ready for skill 1 and beyond. The size and weight are at that great point where you can fly it with As, Bs, or Cs, depending on your field size and the weather. Expect straight flights and minimal drift.

(Posted on 5/25/2014)

Best of all rockets we have! Review by high_flyer

It was really easy to construct.It works really well with C motors because it is so strong. Flies super strait and high.

(Posted on 4/30/2014)

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  • Great Little Rocket!

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  • Great deco! 37 tall!

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  • Tall Rocket, Great Flights!!

    • Flies over 900 Feet!

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