009708 - Pro Series II™ E2X Mammoth™

009708 - Pro Series II™ E2X Mammoth™

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009708 - Pro Series II™ E2X Mammoth™

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Might be my new favorite. Review by Rick

I launched Mammoth with an F15-4 at a recent Tripoli Launch. It was a glorious flight. Went straight up and came back straight down. Four second delay worked just fine.

Next time I launch Mammoth it will be with a Pro Series booster.

I really like the Pro Series E2X rockets. Easy to assemble and great fun to fly.

(Posted on 8/13/2017)

Great Rocket! Review by Michael

This a great rocket! It is easy to build and very strong. I have flown this on everything from an F15-6 up to getting my NAR L1 certification on an H motor. My daughter and other kids all love the look of this rocket. Between the length and the gold color it is just impressive.

I disagree with the previous reviewer who said not to use the F15-6, I've had great flights on it and it deployed about right. I've also had a flight on a composite motor that the delay got messed up and fell 2/3 of the way down, but there was no damage to shroud lines, shock cord or zippering of the tube. I never got close to the elevations that Estes predicts with the F15 motors.

I have used the F15-8 along with the booster and a F15-0. This gives a super slow take off. I used a 6ft rod, but it still got pretty far off of vertical after the booster dropped. It was a LONG walk. The shock cord tangled around the chute, so it never deployed, but there was still only minor damage. I tried the booster again after adding rail guides. Once again it was a beautiful slow launch, but didn't stay vertical. This was an even longer walk and search. I don't recommend the booster with this rocket.

In between the booster launches I moved it up to Estes F & G composite motors. The rocket flew beautifully on both of these. It did so well, that I went to a higher thrust G and then I decided I trusted it to go for my Level 1 Certification. For that I used a Cesaroni H42 motor, who's max thrust was about the same as the G I had done, but just a longer burn. I added some weight (too much) to the nose cone, since the motor much heavier than I had used before and I wanted to be cautious. It went beautifully to over 3000' and over 325MPH.

I highly recommend this rocket!

(Posted on 3/1/2017)

Must Have! Review by Jeffrey

Great addition to the arsenal! Sturdy Design, almost too simple of a build....even being careful took more time for glue to cure than assembly. Can't wait for Spring, gonna push this one full power first flight! Very nice guys!

(Posted on 2/18/2017)

easy and awesome! Review by Peter

I bought this rocket during the Estes Black Friday sales and was impressed by how big the thing is! The build was not difficult, but then, I've been building and flying model rockets since the 60's. While the included motor mount is fine for the mid power 29mm F engine, I plan on buying a 2nd one and using a longer 29mm diameter mount for my NAR, Level 1 High Power certification with a 29mm dia H motor. Either way, the price can not be beat! Thanks Estes!

(Posted on 12/8/2016)

Flys Beautifully on F15-4! Review by YT

I liked the look of the picture, & the rocket itself when I built it. But from the instant of first lift-off, this became far & away my favorite rocket. I've since given away half my others, 'cause I no longer have time for 'em. I always wanna watch this one fly

Estes recommends (among others) F15-6 & F15-8. They are WRONG! Do NOT fly this on an F15-8; it will tear shrouds loose from the 'chute. F15-6s eject the nosecone & 'chute well after apogee. F15-4s eject at apogee

F15s are Estes longest burning (almost 3 seconds) motors. On F15s this rocket rises slowly, but (in calm winds) stably, & is easily visible all the way to its peak altitude; the bright red nylon 'chute is also easily visible, unlike the pastel ones. (Estes blew their naming though: they should have called THIS one Majestic)

Estes describes this kit as E2X (Easy to Assemble), while their Alpha kit is Skill Level 1. To keep it short, the only things I did for the Alpha that I didn't have to do for the Mammoth kit were: mark the body tube for fin placement, & sand the fins, whereas for the Mammoth kit I had to glue fin-halves together, glue the coupler into one body tube, then glue that into the other body tube, & sand the motor retention ring prior to gluing. Estes says you don't have to paint the Mammoth kit, but it is still just a paper-tube model rocket; flying it without clearcoat seems short-sighted. I consider this a Skill Level 1 kit

I had been packing my rockets, motorless but otherwise ready to fly, @the end of the day. Don't do that (oh NO, not another LEARNing experience! [Yup; 'fraid so]). Always (re)pack 'em immediately before flight. Something shifted during transport fro' & to, and on the first launch, the 'chute got tangled in the shrouds; it never opened. The rocket came down with a "Thunk". Damage? Slight crease in the body tube, fortunately (else I'd have had to remove & realign it) above the upper launch lug. I've since launched it twice more. Still my fav

(Posted on 1/18/2016)

fun and easy to build rocket. Review by buba

Wow this rocket is incrediblely fun to build and i would sugjest this rocket to anyone who has just started to build pro series 2 rockets this was my first i have not launched it off yet but I will and am very excited to,you dont need any paint for this rocket so it will save you a bit of time,and it has plastic fins instead of laser cut fins so they are easy to glue in and it took me only 30 mins to complete this rocket so if you want to start building pro series 2 rockets this is where you should start

(Posted on 11/3/2014)

looks cool... Review by Louie

Can't wait to try this one....if it's anything like the Ascender and Majestic....I am sure it is gonna be a cool flyer on the long burn F engines....

(Posted on 9/23/2014)

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