007229 - Dark Silver™

007229 - Dark Silver™

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007229 - Dark Silver™

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Fun build Review by William

Fun to build.Painted mine blue camo.Taped and painted the nose cone 4 colors of blue....Waiting for weather to break so I can fly

(Posted on 9/13/2016)

Another Suggestion Review by Newbergian

I chose to paint the dowel struts silver rather than white; I think it looks better.

Also, I did not glue the dowels in place. Instead I made them removable so they can be removed for flights or easily replaced if broken. The slots must be sanded to insure they are wide enough to allow the painted dowel to easily fit. Then glue on the slot covers with minimal glue. Finally, shorten their lengths about 1/8" so that they will just barely slide into the fin hole/slot and stay in position without glue.

(Posted on 4/23/2016)

Sharp Looking Model Review by Newbergian

This model looks reeaally sharp when built. I painted my body flat white and the red decals against the white body makes it really 'pop'.

The review from Bill has good tips. I'll add my own:
Install the dowel struts (after painting) as a last step AFTER completing the decals. Otherwise the dowels will get in the way and make decaling more difficult.

There is lots of waiting for subassembly glue to dry. Whole job including paint and decals took me 4 days.

(Posted on 4/23/2016)

Nice Kit ! Review by MALBAR70

The Dark Silver was fun to build. Although it is a skill level 4 it is not too difficult. I think it would be a good introduction to higher skilled kits for someone looking to move up. As previously stated, read ALL instructions first and plan your painting accordingly. I've flown mine on the recommended C6-3 and it was a solid performer. It looks great in the air too.
Thanks Estes, keep the "builders kits" coming.

(Posted on 5/30/2014)

Excellent but take Your Time! Review by Bill

Another winner! Estes just keeps cranking out these new kits every year and keep me definetely is interested with their new designs. Just a few tips:

1) Remember to pre paint certain components (Nose Cone, missile pieces, aft shaft piece) before priming and painting the complete kit.

2) Watch the dowel struts as they can be fragile during kit construction. Sand and seal before attaching!

3) Read the instructions all the way through before starting construction. The warning to do "pre paint" is at the conclusion of the instructions. I feel it should have been in bigger and bolder type and the beginning of the instructions.

Overall, a keeper! Keep it up Estes, now if you can now just bring back the Alien Explorer Kit!!

(Posted on 5/7/2014)

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  • Just a fun Launch Set!

    • Easy to Assemble
    • Flies up to 1,150 feet
    • Launch system included
  • A super FUN Launch Set!

    • Helicopter Nosecone Recovery
    • Cool Cat Decals
  • Tons of Fun

    • Minor assembly!
    • Cool swirled plastic colors!
    • Best Seller!