009707 - Pro Series II™ E2X Majestic™

009707 - Pro Series II™ E2X Majestic™

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009707 - Pro Series II™ E2X Majestic™

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Just Plain Amazing Review by Jonathan

on 02/18/2018 I shot this using a Composite 29mm G80-7T and I attached the booster that adds 1,000 feet (uses a F15-0 in the booster).

We had to chase it for 9 miles (there were some slight SE winds that day).

Glad I placed a GPS chaser in the rocket. It went close to 5,200 feet and we could not see it.

(Posted on 2/19/2018)

Great rocket Review by Jeremy

The best rocket I have owned. Worth every penny. Tried putting an altimeter in to see how high it really goes, and it does not go the projected 2000. Altitude on an F15 is closer to 1500 single stage and and about 700 on an E16. Still an impressive altitude. Jolly Logic Chute Release is highly recommended with this rocket, otherwise you WILL have to walk to get it back. I would exercise caution when using the booster as it weathercocks in high winds. Trying to find a way to get it off the pad a little faster with the booster to minimize this. Can't wait to plug a G74 composite in and see what it can really do.

(Posted on 4/25/2017)

Mixed Results Review by Tim

I love the look of this Rocket... simply beautiful.
I've had mixed results though, motors are pricey and so only bought four. I couldn't get one motor to ignite no mater what I tried. Also, on my last flight, the shock cord melted right at the mounting block during separation. Cracked a fin and slightly crinkled the tube on impact... not too bad though. Just finished patching her up and am excited go again this year!

(Posted on 1/16/2017)

Majestic and great!! Review by Michael

Just got this one at Hobby Lobby and can't wait to put it together and fly it. Want to get the booster to go with it and really see it go out of sight

(Posted on 8/21/2016)

Huge Step Into Mid Power Rocketry Review by Craig

This is a definite "must have" rocket for anyone stepping into mid power rocketry. It may say "E2X", but the advanced construction design definitely surpasses previous designs. Easy to build with much more durable design. Sleek styling. Beautiful flights and colors. My family owns two. There will be more for the kids. Although it is designed for the 29mm black powder motors, I find the composite motors perform significantly better. Just make sure your launch field it large enough.

(Posted on 4/19/2015)

Updated Review Review by Anthony

I'm not sure if I missed something, but when we went to go launch it, I was disappointed to find the F series engine would not fit. I had to take the rocket back home and using a Demel sand out the inside to get the F series to fit. However once that was done and we were finally able to launch? WOW! That bad boy took off like a bat outta h*ll. Went so high we lost track of it until it came back down. We've put together over 20 rockets and so far this one is our fav!!

(Posted on 2/8/2015)

Grreat Rocket! Review by Anthony

This was my first Pro-Series and love it! Me and my 5 year old son put this together over 2 days. We haven't been able to launch it yet, but assembly was a breeze and having the tubes already painted was huge in my book. The silver fins are a great touch and helps make the rocket look really cool. Plus the purple tube should be nice and easy to spot in the sky.

(Posted on 2/2/2015)

Good looking rocket Review by Eric

Got this at Hobby Lobby, fairly easy to put together. Just got to be careful with the epoxy and the paint job. Pre painted was a nice feature. I fly a lot of naked rockets because I am to lazy to paint them. I think the G80 motor is a great motor to fly this rocket.

(Posted on 12/16/2014)

Easy to spot during flight Review by Shrek

The pre-painted colors of this rocket make it a breeze to track in the sun.

(Posted on 8/21/2014)

what a beauty... Review by Louie

What a beautiful rocket and easy to build...Flew straight on an F-16 and lift-off was slow and realistic then accelerated to about 1,000 feet. Highly recommend.

(Posted on 5/19/2014)

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  • Fun colors! Great deco!

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