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Estes model rocketry is one of the most popular educational activities of teachers.  What better way to introduce students to the study of aerospace and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) than to involve them in meaningful, hands-on learning experiences!  For over 50 years, Estes model rocketry has proven itself in tens of thousands of classrooms as an exciting teaching aid that captures all student's interest and provides both motivation to learn and valid learning experiences.

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Through Estes Educator, everything necessary to launch a successful classroom model rocketry program is readily available. We have a wide variety of resources, including a web site, newsletters and other useful publications. Like you, the professionals at Estes Educator are absolutely dedicated to encouraging and inspiring students.

Estes model rocketry is used in more that 30,000 elementary, middle, junior high and high school science curriculums across the United States. 

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Estes Educator 1-Page Summary

This one-page summary about Estes Educator can be used when securing approval for starting a model rocket program in your classroom. We've outlined the key points that might be of interest to Administrators and Curriculum Advisors. After choosing the Perfect Lesson Plan and printing the "Here Is What You Will Need" page, this one-page summary can be included when submitting a proposal for funding.



Make Estes Rockets Part Of Your 

Family's Summer Fun Plans!

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Make Estes Rockets Part Of Your Family’s Summer Fun Plans!
If starting a model rocket program in your school seems a little overwhelming, you might first try building your own model rocket. Estes Educator makes it easy and affordable!

Model Rocketry Safety And Regulatory Information

Estes model rocketry is a legally permitted youth activity in every state in the nation and has maintained a higher proportional safety record than Little League Baseball, roller skating, bicycle riding, swimming and high school football.

More than one million youngsters and adults participate in and enjoy Estes model rocketry annually. In fact, Estes rocketry is used in more than 30,000 elementary, middle and high school science curriculums across the U.S.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration has exempted Estes rocket engines from the classification of banned hazardous substances.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission accepted into its regulations all existing model rocketry exemptions set forth by the FDA.

The Department of Transportation officially classified model rocket engines as model rocket motors and not as fireworks.

The U.S. Post Office has determined that Estes rocket engines do not create a handling hazard to their personnel.

The Federal Aviation Agency has exempted model rocketry typically used in the school environment from FAA regulations.

Since 1968, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has endorsed model rocketry activities in its forward to NFPA Code 41L "1968 Code for Model Rocketry".

In 1972, NFPA exempted model rocketry from the classification of fireworks in NFPA Code 494L, now "Model Fireworks Law." NFPA 1122 Code for Model Rocketry, an ANSI standard, sets the current safety standards on which model rocket activities are based.

Model Rocketry And The National Standards

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